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Rook Interactive, Inc. is a digital marketing firm that works with businesses to build their web presence with the following services:

One of my sites went down yesterday morning from an update. Within 5 minutes (the time it took to read a text) Scott Willis had me back up and running. Lucky and blessed to have met this guy!! Please contact him for sites/printing/marketing promos etc. He is the master of his terrain.
Ryan Braden, Sleep Tech, Sleep Tech
We hired Scott at Rook Interactive for our family owned and operated business to work on our SEO. After just 6 months of service from Scott, we got a call from Channel 9 news wanting an interview because we’re ranked #1 on Google!! Our business has exploded because of what Scott is doing to our online presence – if you’re looking for the best SEO service at the best price, search no more!!
Deb Musgrave, Denver Flood and Fire
Scott is extremely knowledgeable about the “ins and outs” of how to keep your web site fresh and on the front page of every search engine. He does such a great job for us that I made him PROMISE not to work with any of my competitors.
Diane Dolan, CEO AmeriWater Product Line at SUEZ
I have hired Rook to create several websites during the last ten years and each of the sites were stunning. His expertise in getting sites placed at the top of all the major search providers is second to none. It’s always a pleasure to work with Scott on a new project; his creativity and attention to detail provides results that go beyond expectation.
Claudio Sennhauser, Future Training Co., Ltd.
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Scott for more than eight years now and all I can say is he’s one of the most knowledgble people I know in the IT and SEO business. Scott is a strategic thinker and has the experience to implement his strategies. I would recommend hiring him as a consultant to anyone.
David Broughton, Cisco
I have worked with Scott for over ten years. He works diligently to serve his clients — and to keep up with the constantly-changing tech landscape. Scott is my go-to person for all things in the tech world and have recommended him many times to colleagues.
Raul Ramos y Sanchez, Author Grand Central Publishing, Public Speaker & Marketing Consultant
I have been a client of Scott and his company Rook Interactive for almost 1 year now. I have had some of the worst experiences with other SEO companies. They make you think there is a bunch of magic. Smoke and mirrors. It was so nice to have a long conversation with Scott. He is teaching me how to do my own updates. If I have a question, he will give me a straight answer. SEO is still the wild west of transparency, but Scott is the Sheriff in the white hat. Thank you Scott!
Joel Egelman, Asbestos Abatement, Inc.