Animated Video ProductionExplainer Videos – Animated Process Video Production

Animated Explainer Videos can greatly help in automating the explanation a complicated process or sales pitch, so that your story can be told in a small amount of time, and easily on the Internet, Social Media, and even in Email correspondence. Video is a wonderful way to achieve this, but many times a true video film production with a cast, audio track, lighting, editing, and shooting on site – can be expensive. So an animated video, 30 to 60 seconds in length can be produced in a much more cost effective way – and still achieve the same effect, including the potential SEO benefits to your site.

A video also can keep your site visitors engaged, and showcase your product or service in a fun way. This will result in longer visits to your site, more sharing of your site, and more search engine traffic referred to your site as well. You may also become more effective and concise in communicating to your clients about your offers, and this can result in more sales and conversions.

Rook Interactive works alongside you to clarify and script your message effectively, in order to create a powerful video that viewers will watch, understand, and hopefully share with friends, giving your message a viral distribution. By working to create a consistent, well presented version of your message in an animated form, you can give your site, social media, and emails much more punch – and get your message noticed, heard, and acted upon.