Business Reviews Management and Acquistion - Rook InteractiveBusiness Reviews Management and Acquisition

Business Reviews Management and Acquisition provides a business owner the unique opportunity to encourage clients to easily submit new consumer reviews to a selection of industry review sites chosen by the site owner.

It also can direct unhappy customer reviews to a designated support representative, giving the business a second chance to redeem themselves before a negative review is made public.

Here is a video that explain the process in more detail:


As part of this process, Rook also creates dedicated pages within your website to collect both old and new reviews in the system, and to showcase your good reviews into an automatically streamed testimonials or reviews page. These good reviews can also be directly auto-streamed into a business Facebook page and Twitter page upon request. Rook can also provide the code to embed the collection of reviews into business email signatures as well.

Monthly reporting and monitoring is also provided as a management function. This allows the business owner to look over overall reputation scoring, improvements and insights, and all new reviews received during the month – in one concise report.


What reviews portals does our system directly support? Click here to see the current list of defined reviews sites we can connect to!