commercial website hosting

Commercial Website Hosting

$299.00/ year

Commercial Website Hosting is critical in today’s highly competitive online business world. The server your business site is hosted on needs to be responsive, capable of sustaining multiple clients viewing your site at the same time, and secure. When your site responds slowly, it has a negative impact on your customer interaction and affects your search engine ranking.

Latency, the average time a site takes to load online, is now a consistent factor in most search engine’s scoring algorithms.

Rook’s servers are located in modular Tier-1 data centers throughout the United States, and are specifically designed to provide the ideal balance of both performance and security. Our servers are updated constantly with the current standards of technology, including the newer multi-core processors, solid-state drives, and higher speed memory. Sites are backed up regularly, and have multiple levels of redundancy. Redundancy refers to your sites connection to multiple fiber rings that ensure your site stays up at all times.

We only provide Commercial High Speed Hosting service.

Commercial High Speed Hosting provides a dedicated web space with no charge for multiple domains and a burstable bandwidth. If your site gets a sudden rush of traffic which commonly happens after a Press Release or a celebrity endorsement, you can rest assured that this will not slow down your server in a significant manner. This is commonly referred to as “Breaking the Internet”.

You also receive professional, high capacity Email services with your Commercial High Speed Hosting. Each hosting account allows for unlimited mailboxes, with attachments up to 200 megabytes. Full webmail access is also made for all accounts, unlimited aliases are also available, and each account has Managed Spam filtering with Private Whitelists and Blacklists. POP3, IMAP4, and SMTP Service is also provided, along with the support needed to connect your site to Google Cloud, or Microsoft 365 as well.