Yes, according to a Google webmaster trends analysts, Google will continue splitting its mobile and desktop searches with different results within months – with the mobile search results being more up to date and prioritized.

Google is fully splitting its search index into two distinct versions: a rapidly updated mobile one, and a separate, secondary search index for the desktop web.

The changes will be implemented within “months”, according to a Google webmaster trends analyst, Gary Illyes, speaking at digital marketing conference Pubcon in Las Vegas, and will leave the desktop version of the index less up to date than the mobile one.

This is the continuation and conclusion of the long-running push by Google to encourage webmasters to prioritize mobile-friendly versions of their sites. The search engine already promotes sites that work well on mobile devices over ones that don’t, a change introduced in April 2015. Criteria for that promotion include features such as text size and how easily tappable links are on smartphone touchscreens.

Maintaining a fully separate index would allow Google to expand the push by judging sites with alternate mobile and desktop sites very differently, putting an end to the sort of situation where clicking through from a search result leads to a mobile site that has none of the promised information.

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