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The Power Team of Microsoft and Amazon’s AI Assistants

In the ultra-competitive tech world, you seldom see two large tech companies collaborating on anything, much less emerging technologies such as home based AI assistants. But it […]

Why SEO is continuing to become more CRITICAL for businesses than ever before

In today’s marketing, SEO, or Search Engine Optimization was already a strong component in any modern business marketing plan. But with the advances of artificial intelligence becoming […]

Why You Should Pay for Good SEO Service

A constant question from most business owners revolves around the need for SEO for their website – and how much should they pay for it – what […]

Privacy-Focused Search Engine DuckDuckGo gets 14 million searches in one day

At the end of 2016,  the privacy-focused search engine, DuckDuckGo reached a new goal – a cumulative total of more the 10 billion searches overall, with over […]

Non-HTTPS Websites will be labeled “Not Secure” by Google Chrome at end of January.

At the end of January, 2017, Google will be releasing version 56 of their popular Chrome browser – currently one of the most used browsers used for […]

Google may be giving Mobile Search better results soon

Yes, according to a Google webmaster trends analysts, Google will continue splitting its mobile and desktop searches with different results within months – with the […]

2016 Cyber Monday was the biggest e-commerce day in history

Consumers spent early $3.4 billion online  on Cyber Monday this week, according to data from Adobe.

This year,  Cyber Monday became the largest day in US e-commerce […]

3 Billion Record Black Friday online- one third from Mobile.

PayPal recently confirmed mobile’s record settings contribution to e-commerce retailers’ bottom lines over Thanksgiving and Black Friday 2016. According to their data, mobile devices accounted for a third […]

Mobile internet usage overtakes desktop for the first time

Internet usage from mobile devices (51.26%) overtook usage from desktop devices (48.74%) for the first time in October 2016, according to data from StatCounter.

StatCounter’s worldwide […]

Google Chrome will start warning that non-HTTPS sites are insecure

An upcoming of Google’s Chrome browser will flip the way that browsers convey information about privacy and security to users: instead of discreetly informing users that the HTTPS-enabled […]