KingMaker Press Release


Online Targeted Press Release Writing and Distribution – posted and links on 300+ Media News sites – with guaranteed placement on Google, Google News, Yahoo, Bing. Clients have also been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, CW, and Fox affiliates, and the Denver Post. Full Media Capture Report showing results.

Product Description

As an experienced press agent, Rook Interactive can submit targeted relevant press releases that have embedded hotlinks, contact information, images, logos, and YouTube videos to a very wide distribution network of online media sites. Rook assists in the writing of these releases, with the client providing the topic and basic information. Rook makes sure that the created release is compliant with media standards, and will be accepted as news worthy.

These releases are up to 1000 words in length, and once approved, can be scheduled in an approximate time window for distribution. Rook monitors the current news cycle, watches for an ideal time and day to maximize your coverage, and avoids having your message being drowned out.

True news stories and their corresponding links to a business website have a strong impact on SEO, since most public media sites have a higher Domain Authority. When the stories run, the links provide both another representation of your business on the media sites and provide valid linkage back to your site.

Rook provides a complete Media Capture report which shows you the live links generated by your release, as well as the media outlets that ran your story. These links can be added to your site’s media page, showing the press coverage of your business, and giving you added credibility.

Rook’s Kingmaker Press Release generally provides 300+ media links and media networks that run the story as their own content. It provides an immediate boost to a business’s online presence. In addition, the Kingmaker Press Release provides Google News, Google, Yahoo & Bing Placement Guaranteed, and many of Rook’s clients have been featured on ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, the CW, Bloomburg Business, and the Denver Post.