Local Directory Linkage, Mobile Map Sync

$259.00 / month for 12 months

Enables your site to increase organic search results, by creating and correcting local business directory listings and mobile/GPS navigation mapping. Generates approximately 100 reported and verified local directory/mapping links.

Product Description

This service enables you to increase organic search engine results by creating and correcting listings in 100 local business directories. We hand submit your business information to each and every directory — no shortcuts, no data feeds, no software submissions.

Local Directories in synch – simplify your life. We also identify the listings you need. The local site submission process is easy, because you only have to give us your business data once. After that, we submit your listings to 100 sites by hand, and we submit your profile  to the top 4 main data aggregators as well. Our detail-oriented manual directory submission service benefits you in so many ways: fast completion, robust listings, consistent NAP data and solid proof that the work has been done with the Rook Local Progress Report and ongoing monthly reporting.

The sheer number of online local business directories is expanding almost daily, making it tough for you to know which searchable directory is the best place to list your business. That’s where our Internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization specialists come in handy. We’ve already done in-depth research so you don’t have to! Our team has identified the top primary sites to list your local business from the beginning.

We run your baseline report to start to show the work needed. Then we submit and confirm your site to each directory or mapping location, and follow up with a completed report in less than 30 days.

This submission service includes either approximately 100 local directories and includes direct submission to the top 4 local data aggregators – NeustarLocaleze, InfoUSA, Axciom, and Factual. This supplies your data to thousands of customer touch points.