Social Media Engagement – Weekly Posting

$299.00 / month for 12 months

Development of consistent social media branding, scheduling, post linkage, and strategy based on what works for your industry. We help you get your message out – gauge the results. Researched, pre-approved, bimonthly posting to internal blogs, and three social media platforms.

Product Description

Social media websites have truly drawn the masses into the Internet like never before. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube,  Pinterest, Snapchat, or any other website for that matter that allows interaction and sharing of content, are classified as social networking websites. These social networking websites began as a socializing platform for online users with common interests. Users then began interacting on the internet, sharing information, publicizing products/services on a small scale, and at this point, Social Media became globally popular.

Who could predict that tweets and updates would turn into a billion dollar industry? It’s true. Today’s era of social media has gotten the world interacting, socializing, marketing, and branding by the means of social networking websites.

 Professional Social Media Engagement can make a HUGE difference in the exposure, viral distribution, and marketing/selling of your product or services.

Here’s why…

– Curated, Professionally Written Relevant Content:  Rather than just the re-posts or links to other site’s content, Rook’s writing team creates full length content with royalty free art, that showcases your industry or products. These articles are written in advance according to schedule, allowing the client the chance to review, proof, and select the day the articles will running in the coming schedule.

– Consistent and Clear Branding: It is SO important to have your business social media profiles working properly, and maintain your consistent corporate logos, branding, message, and promotions. As part of this process, Rook helps to develop STRONG visual and interactive Social Media presence for your company – giving you multiple points of contact with your audience.

– Scheduled Frequency: By having a professional schedule a consistent, non-intrusive schedule for your pre-approved posts to your blog and social media, you avoid information overload with your clients – and subtly program them to expect your posts on the same days of the month, similar to a newspaper. This greatly increases your readability – and reduces the number of reader unsubscribes.

– Message Distribution: Once the articles are approved, Rook reaches out to the Social Networks that would contribute the most to your business marketing effort – and make sure the articles are scheduled, presented properly, and linked back to your site – bringing the audience back to you from the social networks.