Secure Commercial High Speed Web Hosting with SSL

$458.00 / year

Secure Commercial Grade Website and Email Hosting, with a Dedicated IP Address, a 2048 bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Encryption certificate,  security monitoring, and performance caching. Includes unlimited email accounts. Recommended for Sites seeking best SEO performance, and security, as well as sites processing credit card transactions.

Product Description

Security and Encryption are already starting to become standard in most business web hosting. With privacy, security, and consumer protection in the forefront of the news, many business are taking the extra step of encrypting their sites, and email messages with an added layer of security – a Secure Socket Layer Encryption certificate. These certificates are validated by an issuing authority, and provide the green lock in a user’s browser when viewing a site – letting the user know that it is safe to provide data (including credit card, or personal information) to a site that is protected by encryption.
Rook provides the industry standard 2048-bit certificate, with 99.9% browser recognition, 256 bit encryption of all data, and a $250,000 relying party warranty in its Secure Commercial High Speed Web Hosting product. In addition, a dedicated IP (Internet Protocol) address is provided to the business – a one of a kind global numeric address, that only goes to the business site – so that the site is isolated from any other shared traffic or shared email use. This prevents the site from being blocked by accident, if another business on the same IP address on a shared account gets blacklisted. It also results in the site being accessed faster.
Going this extra step provides the business with an advantage in regards to search engine ranking: Google, Bing, Yahoo, and many of the other top search engines are showing a preference to sites that protect the consumer’s data with an SSL certificate. Encryption has become one of the scoring factors when determining best ranking. Rook’s servers are located in modular Tier-1 data centers throughout the United States, and were specifically designed provide the ideal balance of both performance and security. Our servers are updated constantly with the current standards of technology, including the newer multi-core processors, solid-state drives, and higher speed memory. Sites are backed up regularly, and have many levels of redundancy. They are connected on multiple fiber rings to ensure that your site stays up at all times. We provide commercial hosting service with burstable bandwidth. Iif your site gets a sudden rush of traffic such as getting interviewed on a major new outlet, or receiving a celebrity endorsement – you can rest assured that this will not “swamp” or slow down your server greatly.
You also receive professional, high capacity Encrypted Email services with your Secure Commercial High Speed Hosting. Each hosting account allows for unlimited mailboxes, with attachments up to 200mg. Full webmail access is also made for all accounts, unlimited aliases are also available, and each account has Managed Spam filtering with Private Whitelists and Blacklists. POP3, IMAP4, and  SMTP Service is also provided, along with the support needed to connect your site to Google Cloud, or Microsoft 365 as well.